Eclipse Productions

First “born” in ’06 and retouched in 2012. Based on the ten year experience and artistic knowledge of our Directors, we can deliver any kind of production coordination that involves film and video shootings, sound engineering, photography and all pre and post production services.
– Wedding and Baptism location Cinematography in lots of different styles so you can choose which one is right for you (Super8, Documentary, Music Clip, Etc.)
– Commercial, Corporate and Advertisment Cinematography for all kinds of products and business companies.
– Event and Theater Cinematography with High End multi-camera and multi-track sound recorders.
– Graphic Design/ Company Profiling (logo etc.)/ Photoshop/ Retouch for businesses or individuals, plus digital and analogue High Quality printing.

director. cinematographer. eclipse general director

Grand cinematographer, multitalented drama-creator and atypical pace-conqueror. Having worked in cinema and advertising, having directed 3 plays in the Greek Off Broadway scene, he created Eclipse to vent off his frustrations and get the producers off his head. And he didn’t… because he now works more intensively with them.
If it is one thing he learnt after 20 years in Showbiz … it is that he does not know anything!



graphic designer

Agapi was born on a day of 1982 in Athens. Ever since she was a kid she had visions that she would become a graphic designer. Her social entourage was booing her, but she made it!!! She completed her studies at AKTO and has not stopped designing and creating since. She is designing everywhere and she is constantly creating (at the office, in the car, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, while having coffee, on other people’s cigarette packs). During her spare time she is biologically growing nettles in her own imaginary garden which she uses to produce itching powder of exquisite quality and she watches silent films because of her admiration for the soundless sounds (of the silent films).


director, cinematographer, ninja editor

A worldwide known director, who was born in Athens and since then he directed countless short and feature films. His collaborations over Hollywood were so unique that after his decision to move back to Greece, a series of suicides took place with the most infamous these of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s and Robin Williams’. After his return, he refused Christopher Nolan’s proposition to shoot his latest film “Interstellar” as a Director of Photography. As he later stated, didn’t want to lose his grandma’s Giouvetsi and his godmother’s rice stuffed vegetables {Yemista} again. Go figure.


director, cinematographer

It was a rainy day of 1989 when Dimitra fell for the first time from her crib at the age of one. Ever since that moment her involvement in activities that include falling has become a constant value in her life. During her spare time she proclaims to be a director as she considers this occupation to give her the same pleasure she gets when she is falling from her surf board, her bike or airplanes!
For many years she had been a fanatic wedding crasher!! Eclipse productions discovered her after 3 months of random encounters at weddings where the guys were filming bouquets and sugared almonds and making sunset time-lapses while Dimitra was eating spring rolls and dancing to folk songs with the bridesmaids, cousins and mothers of the couples. Philip distinguished her communication skills – it was actually the alcohol talking- and she was incorporated in the team, which was very convenient for her as she never again had to pose as the bride’s distant cousin in order to sneak in weddings of total strangers.



As a child he wanted to work for Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s film crew and cover both of his loves, film and the sea. Eventually he compromised with staying on dry land since they are both just surfaces. Deeply shallow, he enjoys creating underground documentaries and aboveground live video art. A specialist in underwater and undergound filming. He is certain that In the Beginning was the Image.



Rumour has it that he was born in Cannes and in fact he was delivered by Wim Wenders, seconds before receiving the Palme d’Or for his movie “Paris-Texas”. In the kitchen of the house he grew up there was a picture of Alfred Hitchcock with the note “If you don’t clear your plate this gentleman will come and take you away”. Since then he’s always bursted into tears every-time he found himself in front of a movie screen. In order to defeat his demons he decided to become a director. He no longer fears Alfred. On the contrary, he once invited him for dinner. His past caught the attention of Eclipse Productions which recruited him immediately. Besides his filming career he invented “Steadicam without a camera” and the “almost normal” lens. Last but not least, he is the only man alive who owns the actual clockwork orange.